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11-Math Formula

While the dashboard is in edit mode, we can access the widget list by clicking the plus icon.

We can display the settings page by clicking on the widget we want to use.

Each widget has its own features. We will describe all widgets. If there are changes during the development process, we will let you know on the blog.

The Math formula widget allows you to display data on your dashboards by performing various calculations.

You can open the setting window by clicking the math formula button from the menu.

Name of formula : widget name

Select device : Here is the device list we added to the system. We can select the device we want to use from the list.

Select variable: After device selection; device-related variables are listed here. We can choose the variable we will use in the calculation.

We should use our variable as x in the formula.

Let's write the formula to convert our temperature value from degrees Celsius to degrees Fahrenheit.

°F = °C × 1.8 + 32

We can add the widget to our dashboard by clicking the Add button.

You can open the edit page or delete the math formula widget with the three dots icon to the left of the gauge.

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