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10-Graphic List

While the dashboard is in edit mode, we can access the widget list by clicking the plus icon.

We can display the settings page by clicking on the widget we want to use.

Each widget has its own features. We will describe all widgets. If there are changes during the development process, we will let you know on the blog.

Graphic list is our widget that allows us to show different images according to a variable value we choose.

For example, if the temperature is less than 25, you can view the normal temperature picture, if the temperature is lower than 5, the snow picture, and if it is higher than 30, you can view the sun picture.

Of course, you can use as many values ​​and images as you want according to your application.

When we click the graphic list button from the menu, the setting window will open.

Name : graphic list name

Select device : Here is the device list we added to the system. We can select the device we want to use from the list.

Select variable: After device selection; device-related variables are listed here. We can choose the variable we will use to change the images.

With the create button, we open the page where we will select the pictures.

Before uploading the pictures, make sure that you have prepared the dimensions in accordance with the system.

You can add encounter conditions and pictures with the plus icon.

It would be more appropriate to give a range value to avoid confusion.

Contiditon data : comparison value

Select condition : greater , less , equal

Second condition data : second comparison value

Second Select condition : greater , less , equal

If we edit according to our example.

With the Complete button, we can add the graphic list to our dashboard.

You can open the edit page or delete the widget with the three dots icon on the left of the graphic list widget.

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