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09-Link button

While the dashboard is in edit mode, we can access the widget list by clicking the plus icon.

We can display the settings page by clicking on the widget we want to use.

Each widget has its own features. We will describe all widgets. If there are changes during the development process, we will let you know on the blog.

The link button creates a transparent button. Thus, you can create buttons that will send data on images or redirect to other pages.

You will have an idea with its use in the applications and trainings we will do later.

When we click the link button from the menu, the setting window will open.

Select the system: There are two options.

Send message : It works like a send data widget, only the button is transparent.

Give button a name : description to be displayed on the button

Witdh -Height : button sizes

Select device : Here is the device list we added to the system. We can select the device we want to use from the list.

Select variable: After device selection; device-related variables are listed here. We can choose from the list the variable we want to send the value to.

mesaage that you want to send : The section where the value you want to send is entered.

Go to link: When clicked, it opens the desired link. You can create menus to navigate within your system.

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