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While the dashboard is in edit mode, we can access the widget list by clicking the plus icon.

We can display the settings page by clicking on the widget we want to use.

Each widget has its own features. We will describe all widgets. If there are changes during the development process, we will let you know on the blog.

When we click on the gauge button from the list, the setting window opens.

Gauge Name : You can give any name you want.

Select gauge type: There are three types of gauges. You can choose full, semi and arch.

Select device : Here is the device list we added to the system. We can select the device we want to use from the list.

Select variable: After device selection; device-related variables are listed here. We can select the variable we want to use in the gauge from the list.

Min value : Gauge start value

Max value : gauge max value

Size : gauge size

Thick : line thickness

Measurement : Value unit

Test data: You can check how it looks with this value by doing a gauge test.

Foregn color : line color

Background color : You can change the line background color. The transparency is at the minimum value. You can adjust it as you wish.

You can add the gauge to the system with the Create button.

You can open the edit page or delete the gauge with the three dots icon to the left of the gauge.

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