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About SmartEspIOT

MQTT server is ready

Our systems include an internal MQTT server. The products produced by us or produced by you, which can provide data transfer with MQTT, can be integrated into our system.

Technical support will be provided to you for products that require a special data transfer or structure.

Dedicated server for you

Our Smartespiot software runs on a server created specifically for you. Updates are free for the duration of the subscription. Supported hardware and tools continue to be added.

Use industrial products

You can use Siemens S7 1200 / S7 1500 , Weintek HMI, Kinco HMI products.

Our technical team will support you in your sample application, technical support and product supply processes.

Pay as you need

Although there is no limitation on the number of devices or data that can be added to the system, slowdown or system problems may occur due to server capacity. In this case, it is possible to switch to a higher hardware level.

Transitions are made within 1-2 days without losing old data and settings. A maximum of 1 hour of standstill is foreseen.

Chart Reports

Within the specified date ranges of the requested data; It is a reporting system that allows one or more data from the same or different device systems to be displayed in the same graphic.

Created graphics can be saved in jpg, pdf, excel, pdf formats.

Alarm Reports

It is our system that provides reporting of realized alarm or warning information within the specified date range. The generated report can be saved as excel.

input and counter reports

This is the section where we perform the reporting of digital input data and counter data received from machines.

You can define the login information you receive from your machines as you wish.

For example: Alarm information, Running information, Stop information etc.

These data can be reported as time according to the shift information you will specify. You can report this information in the form of a slice diagram.

Graphics can be saved in jpg, pdf, excel, pdf formats.

For the production reporting process, the target productions you set for the machines and the production information generated are recorded and you can get reporting in the form of bar graphs in the date range you specify.

Table report

It is our system where you can get tabular reports by adding all the recorded data to the columns as you wish.

You can get mixed reports, comparative reports and apply filtering operations.


You can save the result reports as excel.

Visualize your data

This is the section where we create our pages that we will use to visualize your data.


Any number of dashboards can be created. You can use any data of the device you want on the dashboards. There is no limitation.

You will be able to easily make the designs you want on your instrument panels with our tools menu, which we will inform you later.

As with our entire system, you will be able to make your designs by simply entering drag and drop operations and settings while designing our instrument panels.

In order to be able to operate on the dashboards, it will be enough to turn on the editing mode.

Let Smartespiot keep track of your periodic works

Define the periodic operations you will do.

Reminding the due process; Leave it to T-KART to check whether it is done or not and to provide your reporting.


T-KART system will make it easier to follow the maintenance by informing the groups you have determined with the telegram application.

There is a message from your systems !!!

It is our system where you can create alarms by checking the collected data according to the situation you will determine instantly or by comparing it with a different data in the system.

You can collect your alarms in 100 different groups and display the group you want on the dashboard you want.


With the telegram application in our alarm system, it will instantly deliver the information to the group you specify. Thus, you will be able to intervene in malfunctions and warnings without losing time.

Set user and system properties

It is our section where you can access user settings, telegram settings, shift operations, device status information.

You can add a new user from the user settings section; You can set it as administrator or regular user. Users defined as administrators can edit.

Users defined as normal can use the entire system, but cannot edit and define T-KART maintenance.

Make calculations, create new data

This is our section where you can create local data to define the constant-valued variables required to use or create new data from the results by applying mathematical operations to your data.

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